About Us

Examworld started off doing only Olympiad training. Since end 2014, we have been working on a few additional projects. We have 3 principal activities which cater to improving students understanding of concepts and supporting students learning.

1) Junior Olympiad Training

We supply qualified trainers to schools for Junior Physics Olympiad and Junior Chemistry Olympiad training. The training materials are all created in-house, and are not available for sale. Interested school teachers may  email us at enquiries@examworld.com.sg for more details. Although there have been enquiries for private training for the olympiad competition, currently we do not provide such services.

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2) Creation and Publication of Educational Resources

We create exceptional study materials to support students learning, and boost their examination skills, for O Level and A Level. You may purchase our books directly from us. To make it cheaper for you, we currently do not sell our study materials at bookstores, which typically rake in a high commission.

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