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H2 Maths Handy Guide

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Non-Exhaustive List of Explanation-Based Questions for O Level


This useful booklet is a collection of suggested questions and solutions for qualitative questions for different sources according to O Level Physics syllabus. The motivation for this booklet is to help students summarize key concepts to be used for answering qualitative questions in exams. The reason is because books and notes usually elaborate concepts to instill understanding. However, the words and paragraphs are usually too long to be used for answering.

Students are advised to understand and modify the suggested answers when attempting similar questions during exams. The questions are not exhaustive and is meant as a reference to help students score for explanation questions.

In the situation where there may be controversies in the suggested answers, please check this website for any updates.

Book status
We are finalising the cover page design and ISBN numbers at the moment, and in discussions with the printers.

A similar series for A Level is also being prepared.

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